What is NIULPE? 

The National Institute for the Uniform Licensing of Power Engineers, Inc. (NIULPE) is a third-party certification organization. NIULPE is mandated to establish and maintain international standards of education and competency for the power and energy related trades and professions. Example trades and professions include: boiler operators, fireman, water-tenders, operating engineers, stationary engineers, power plant operators, refrigeration plant operators, and turbine operators. NIULPE mandates quality control through the commissioning of examiners, proctors, instructors, and educational facilities and their programs.

NIULPE assists Federal, State and Municipal licensing agencies in maintaining the international standards within legislated programs. The philosophy seeks to break tradition by supporting a program that works to bridge regional boundaries. Its cornerstone is a standard qualification through education and assessment that is applicable in all regions of North America and internationally.