Standard Learning Materials 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
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Additional Reference Books 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Applied Engineering Mechanics First Canadian X X      
Jensen, Chenoweth Snail & Stassen (Latest edition)
ISBN # 007-032-492-1
Power Boilers X X      
Bernstein and Yoder (Latest edition)
LCCCN # 9781590703458
Basic Engineering Thermodynamics X X      
Rayner Joel (Latest edition)
ISBN #0-582-25629-1
Applied Thermodynamics for Engineering Technologists X X X    
T.D. Eastop (Latest edition)
ISBN #0-582-09193-4
ASME Code Section II Materials X X X    
ASME (Latest edition)
LCCCN # 56-3934
Standard Handbook of Power Plant Engineering X X X    
Elliot, Chen, Swaneharp (Latest edition)
Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers X X      
(Latest edition)
ISBN # 0-07-004997-1
Low Pressure Boilers     X X X
Frederick M. Steingress (Latest edition)
ISBN # 0-8269-4417-5
High Pressure Boilers     X X X
Frederick M. Steingress (Latest edition)
ISBN # 0-8269-4417-9
Steam X X X    
Babcock and Wilcox (Latest edition)
LCCCN # 92-074123
Process/Industrial Instrumentation and Control Handbook X X X    
Considine (Latest edition)
ISBN # 0-07-012445-0
Engineering Manual of Automatic Controls I-P Edition X X X X X
Purchased through Honeywell offices
Introduction to Fundamentals of Chemistry X X X    
ISBN # 0-395-95538-6
Betz Handbook of Industrial Water Conditioning X X X X  
LCCCN # 62-21097 (no longer in print)
GE Power and Water Handbook of Industrial Water Conditioning X X X X X
Nalco Water Handbook
Kenner (Latest edition)
ISBN # 0070458721 (available online)
Blueprint Reading & Technical Sketching for Industry X X X    
Thomas P Olivo (Latest edition)
ISBN # 0-8273-5077-5
Metals and How to Weld Them X X X X  
T.B. Jefferson, Gorham Woods (Latest edition)
LCCCN # 54-2508
Metallurgy Fundamentals X X X    
Goodheart/Wilcox (Latest edition)
ISBN # 9781590703458
Metallurgy X X      
B.J. Moniz
ISBN # 0-8269-3509-5
HVAC Heating, Ventilating and Air Condition       X X
S. Don Swenson (Latest edition)
ISBN # 0-8269-0675-3
Trane Air Conditioning Manual          
The Trane Company (Latest edition)
(780) 454-4905
Steam Plant Operations          
Lammers, Woodruff, and Lammers. , 8th Ed.
ISBN: 9780071501293
Power Plant Control          
David Lindsley. Institution of Electrical Engineers
ISBN-10: 0852967659, ISBN-13: 978-0852967652
A Guide to Project Management Body Of Knowledge X X      
Project Management Institute
ISBN-10: 1880410230, ISBN-13: 978-1880410233
Introductory Applied Mechanics: Machines, Stress & Fluids          
Stan Bailey
ISBN-13: 9781897461679
Introductory Applied Mechanics: Force & Motion   X X    
Stan Bailey
ISBN-13: 9781897461662