NIULPE works with experts on the Technical Advisory Committee in the development of licensure and certification assessments. Each client is provided a custom and standard training syllabus along with a Body of Knowledge for their assessment program. All content is extracted from the NIULPE International Standard review by the International Technical Advisory Committee with members representing Canada and the United States. This is the only internationally recognized standard for Power Engineers and related trades.

NIULPE’s system works by pinpointing a person’s expertise and education and categorizing it into a stated level of competency. Operating personnel can be classed into the six grades of license outlined below (descending order of competency):

  1. Chief engineer
  2. First Class engineer
  3. Second Class engineer
  4. Third Class engineer
  5. Fourth Class engineer
  6. and Fifth Class engineer

NIULPE Certification Standards

Additional topic specific certifications have also been established to highlight those occupational areas which may be industry specific.

To review and/or download copies of NIULPE’s standards and requirements, click here.